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This is a standard cooked red salsa. It's a standard because its delicious, easy enough to make, and it's the red that goes with anything. It has two names Ranchera and Casera. Ranchera, of course, means its from the ranch kitchen, and Casera means its from the household kitchen. Everybody claims this salsa because it is so good. This recipe uses a molcajete, but if you don't have one instruction for using a blender are at the end of the steps.

Rinse the tomatoes and chilies. Chili serrano is the chili of choice but chili jalapeƱo is also fine.

Roast the chilies and tomatoes. As soon as the skins on the chilies are blistered, they're done. The tomatoes need to be soft all the way through.

In a molcajete (a Mexican grinding dish similar to a mortar and pestel) place the garlic and grind it to a pulp.

This is how the garlic will look when it's well ground. Leave each ingredient in the molcajete as you go.

Add the chilies and grind them fully.

Here's what the ground chilies look like.

Peel the tomatoes. A little blackened pulp is okay.

As you're grinding up the tomatoes, remove the hard stem portions and any skin you missed.

Here's a look at your salsa mix after the tomatoes are fully ground.

STEP #10
Add about a third of a cup of water.

STEP #11
Add salt to taste, about a half tablespoon.

STEP #12
Your Ranchera Salsa, Casera Salsa, is ready to serve.

If you don't want to use a molcajete, you can place the garlic, chilies, and tomatoes in a blender. After blending until all is cut into very fine pieces, pour out the mix and add water and salt.

Call it Ranchera Salsa or Casera Salsa, make this and all the Red Salsas and Green Salsas and learn enjoy Mexican Cooking in Veracruz, Mexico as part of Spanish immersion at The Language Immersion School.

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