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There's no green salsa that you can make faster than this. Fast as it is, it's delicous and very popular. Mexican salsas are quick, easy and a great addition to many of your non-Mexican food meals.

Tomatillos are like small size green tomatoes, and they come wrapped in a brown leaf-like covering. Sometimes a grocer removes the leaf-like covering before putting the tomatillos out for sale.


Ingredients: tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, and chili jalapeno.

Wash the vegetables well. Remove the leaf-like covering of the tomatillo before washing.

Ingredients for preparing green tomato salsa


Here's a good look a the leaf-like covering that surrounds a tomatillo

Cleaning the tomatillos


Break the extra stem from the cilantro.

Preparing the cilantro


Drop in the garlic.

Adding garlic to the mix


Add the tomatillos.

(For this salsa the tomatillos are used uncooked.)

Adding tomatillos to the mix


Add the chili.

Adding the chili pepper to the mix


Drop in the cilantro.

Adding the cilantro to the mix


Add water as shown.

Adding water to the mix


Blend until everything is in tiny bits.

And that quickly, you've got a delicious and very popular Mexican salsa ready to go.

Pouring green salsa from the blender

This fastest-of-all Green Tomato Salsa, and many more Red Salsas and Green Salsas are part of The Language Immersion School's Spanish Immersion with Mexican Cooking in Veracruz Mexico.

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