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Mari is the cook of these wonderful Red Salsas and Green salsas

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No cooking word could be a better first one than this. Mari graciously volunteered to prepare the red salsas, green salsas, and other quick and delicious Mexican Foods presented. Hopefully she'll continue to do so for many years to come.

Dricd Guajillo Chili Peppers

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One of the very many dried chilies of Mexico, Chili Guajillo is used in barbacoa (similar to a barbecue sauce) and in adobos. It's often used with Achiote. It is used to make its own salsa, Salsa Guajillo Roja (Red Guajillo Salsa).

Chili Pasilla is a very dark red, almost black long pod chili.  It's often used in a prune sauce covering chicken

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Often you have to look very closely at dried chilies to be sure which one you're seeing. Chili Pasilla is used with prunes to make a delicious sauce for chicken. It's also used in mole. Chili Pasilla isn't hot.

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Chili de Arbol is a hot and tasty dried chili that is often used interchangebly with chili serrano. It's used to prepare salsa arriera. An arriera, the staff reports, is Veracruz's version of a fire ant. Salsa arriera has quite a sting to it.

dried chili chipotle pods

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Chili Chipotle is a featured as Chipotle Salsa, but we're adding it to our Cooking Words to be sure it's easy to find all the different types of chilies all in one place. Please see the Chili Chipotle Salsa receipe to learn more about this chili's use and flavor.

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A little bigger than a baseball, chamote has a white, bland interior and is used much like a potato. It's often cooked with tomatoes and onion to make a tasty vegetable dish.

more useful Mexican Food and Mexican Cooking words to come

more useful Mexican Food and Mexican Cooking words to come

If there are Mexican Food words or Mexican Cooking words you don't know, you can email Mari and the staff in Veracruz and they'll be happy to let you know. Contact them at

In Veracruz, Mexico as part of The Language Immersion School's Spanish Immersion program you can learn to carry on conversations about Mexican Cooking. You can learn the words and the foods.

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