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Food & Cooking Words
Chipotle is a love it or hate it flavor. Those who love it are by far in the majority. Chipotle salsa, although common, is considered a special treat.


Ingredients: chili chipotle, garlic, salt, cooking oil.

Rinse the dried chili pods well.

the ingredients for chili chipotle salsa


Boil the chipotles in water for 20 minutes. They'll soften nicely.

The chipotle pods are dry, and cooking is by boiling


Add the garlic to your blender.

Adding garlic to the chile chipotle salsa mix


Drain the chipotles and then add the chili pods to the mix.

The cooked chipotle pods are added to the mix


Add water to the level shown, and then blend the mix for about 45 seconds.

Water is added to the chipotle to the level shown


Add about half a teaspoon of salt to the mix.)

About half a teaspoon of salt is needed


Add more water, up to the level shown, and blend again for about a minute.

After running in the blender, more water is added as shown


Add cooking oil to a skillet. The oil should be about 1/4 inch deep. Warm the oil.

A skillet with hot oil is being readied for the mix


Add the mix and cook for twenty minutes. Stir frequently. You'll see the color of the mix deepen.

The chipotle mix is being "fried."

STEP #10

You chipotle salas is ready to go. Let it cool and serve at room temperature.

The salsa is cooked and ready to go.

Hot and tasty Chipotle Salsa and many other Red Salsas and Green Salsas are part of Spanish Immersion with Mexican Cooking at The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico.

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