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Tomatillos are like small size green tomatoes, and they come wrapped in a brown leaf-like covering. Sometimes the covering is removed before the tomatillos are set out for sale.

Remember, experiment and find the exactly right blend of ingredients for you.


Ingredients: tomatillo, onion, garlic, cilantro, and chili serrano (or chili jalapeno).

Wash the vegetables well. If you're using tomatillos, remove the outer leaf-like wrapper before washing.

The ingredients for preparing burned green tomato salsa


Grill the tomatillos and chilies,. The chili will cook more quickly. The tomatillos take around ten minutes.

Roasting the tomatillos and chilies for burned green tomato salsa


When the chilies are blistered and softening, remove them. Turn the tomatillos a few times to cook them through.

Pulling off the roasted chillies


Peel the loose skin from the chilies.

Preparing the roasted chillies


Drop the chilies into the blender.

Adding the roasted chili to the mix


Add the onion.

Adding onion to the mix


Add the garlic.

(Mexican salsa is so good, and now you're seeing how quick and easy it is to make.)

Adding garlic to the mix


There will be some thickened burned spots on the tomatillos. Peel the thickened spots off. (The burned skin is the secret zest in this salsa.)

Final preparation of the roasted tomatillos


Drop the tomatillos in the blender.

Notice that lots of burn is still on the them.

Checking for the just right amount of burned spots on the tomatillos

STEP #10

Drop in the cilantro.

Adding cilantro to the mix

STEP #11

Add water--about a cup for this amount of ingredients.

Adding water to the mix

STEP #12

Blend until all the ingredients are cut into tiny bits, and you're done.

Burned green tomato salsa ready to eat

Burned Green Tomato Salsa, is one of many Green Salsas and Red Salsas. All are part of Mexican Cooking in Veracruz, Mexico as part of The Language Immersion School's spanish immersion program.

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