Easy as   Uno,   Dos,   Tres,  you can make perfect Mexican Salsas.

Salsa Roja--Red Salsa
Salsa Verde--Green Salsa
and other great Mexican Salsas

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Tomatoes grilling on the stove, part of preparing burned tomata salsa

Burned Tomato Salsa click for receipe

Burned-tomato salsa being pouredFlaked with black flavor accents, this is a cooked tomato salsa which goes superbly with tacos, tostadas, empanadas and any meat or chicken. Don't let the charred tomato skin scare you. There's no burned taste. Mild, medium, or hot, your guests will be dazzled.

Tomatillos grilling on the stove, part of preparing burned green tomato salsa

Burned Green Tomato Salsa click for receipe

Burned green tomato salsa redy to serveFlaked with black flavor accents, this is a cooked tomatillo salsa and the perfect sauce to accompany enchiladas, tostadas, empanadas and any meat or chicken. The charred tomatillo skin has no burned flavor. Few green salsas are as popular.

Ingredients for making Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo click for receipe

Pico de Gallo ready to be servedOne of Mexico's favorite for "chips and salsa," Pico de Gallo is often served as an appetizer. But it's also a salsa used on tacos, tostadas, empanadas, and along with meat and poultry dishes.

Ingredients for making avocado salso

Avocado Salsa click for receipe

Avocado salsa ready to be servedCreamy because of the avocado, and spicy and soothing at the same time, avocado salsa is often included when a restaurant serves three or four salsas at the same time. It's especially good on tacos al pastor, enchiladas, and tostadas de pollo. It's also great all on its own with chips as an appetizer.

Chili Chipotle Salsa is in the last step of preparation.

Chipotle Salsa click for receipe

The chili Chipotle pod is used dried and it a very dark red-brown colorChipotle has a taste all its own. It is one of those love it or hate it flavors. It is often very hot and even the chilies when you're preparing them need to be handled with care. For many, chipotle is a special treat.

Tomatillos in their natural wrapping

Green Tomato Salsa click for receipe

green tomato salsa ready to eatA better name for this might be Instant Salsa. This is a full flavored, great tasting green sauce. It's often found in restaurants because the preparation is so easy. It's used anywhere that the more "sophisticated" burned green tomato salsa is used.

Ranchera, also called Casera, is the standard cooked red salsa in Mexico.  It is always tasty and always welcomed.

Ranchera (also called Casera) click for receipe

Many Moms in Mexico use a grinding bowl to make this delicious red salsaThis is the standard and very tasty cooked red salsa. It's especially delicious on picadas and it's great with empanadas.

Avocados being mashed, preparing guacamole

Guacamole Veracruz Style click for receipe

Veracruz style guacamole ready to eatNot the most common guacamole, but the most common in Veracruz, this quick and easy recipe is great with chips as a snack. It's also used as a salad served with meals. Often it's rolled up with beef or chicken to add zest and balance to fajitas.

Salsa for Chilies Rellenos click for receipe

It's impossible to understand how salsa so simple to make can be so perfect. For chilies rellenos (in this case the chilies are filled with white cheese) nothing beats this quick and easy salsa. Included also are cooking instructions for the chilies.

Habanero chilies and garlic, the makings of extra hot green salsa

Roasted Habanero Salsa click for receipe

roasted habanero salsa ready to roast whomever eat itCAUTION--This is hot!!! Habanero chilies can take your breath away. But if you really want to spice up a meal, there's no better way. Waiters warn about its use. You'll want to also. It's a robust green flavor, and is most commonly used with tacos, tostadas, empanadas or meats.

As habanero changes from green to yellow-orange it gets even hotter and hotter.

Habanero and Onion Salsa click for receipe

Habanero with onion and lime juice makes a tasty, very hot relish for you main dishes.Habanero is such a hot chili that when you're cutting it up you want to keep from getting it on your fingers. This salsa is in keeping with what we'd call a relish. For those who want it hot, this is it. Use Habanero chilies that are turning yellow for the hottest possible salsa.

Red Salsa, Green Salsa, Mexican Cooking Class, and Spanish Immersion in Veracruz, Mexico

Spanish Immersion with Mexican Cooking Class

Cooking lessons are available throughout Mexico. If you strike up a conversation in the little three and four table restaurants, the cook will usually share her special receipes with you. Not so, though, in larger restaurants.

Foods are regional in Mexico, and what you find far down south in the country differs some from the food in the border states along Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

One terrific way to learn Mexican salsas is Spanish language immersion that offers cooking as part of its instruction. Of all the Spanish langauge schools in Mexico, one of the very best is in the ocean side city of Veracruz. Spanish immersion with cooking is one of its basic programs. The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico includes a great deal of cultural interaction for its students. Spanish study, cooking, culture, eco, and adventure tourism all fit together to make your stay as productive and fun as it can be. Feel free to call us toll-free through our Ashville, North Carolina phone number, (828) 279-8333. It rings through to us in Veracruz.

Chamote is a vegetable a little larget than a baseball.  It has a white bland interior that is used much as a potatoe

Guayaba click for more Mexican Food and Mexican Cooking Words
The size of large lemons, guayaba is used to make a "dulce," to make guayaba jam. It is used directly as a jam (a mermelada in Spanish), or used as a filling in an empanada. This type of empanada has a wheat flour crust and is baked.

tejocote, a small sweet and sour tree-borne fruit used in fruit punch especially at Christmas

Tejocote  click for more Mexican Food and Mexican Cooking Words
This small tree-borne fruit has a degree of sweet and sour to its taste. One finds it most commonly used in fruit punch, and most especially so during the Christmas season.


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